In the context of SEO, freshness refers to how recently content on a website has been updated or how often new content is added. Search engines, notably Google, value up-to-date and current content because it’s more likely to be relevant to searchers.

When a topic sees a sudden spike in search volume, search engines will prioritize content that has been recently updated or created, assuming that it might provide the most timely and pertinent information on the subject.

For instance, news websites that regularly publish articles about ongoing events or trends will often rank higher in search results for related queries because of their content’s freshness. Similarly, older articles or posts updated with new information can regain prominence in search results.

However, it’s worth noting that freshness is more important for some queries than others. While breaking news or trending topics benefit significantly from fresh content, evergreen subjects or historical data might not require frequent updates. The key is understanding the needs and expectations of your audience and ensuring that your content remains relevant and timely for them.


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