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Internal link is a type of hyperlink on a webpage that points to another page on the same website. Unlike external links, which lead to different domains, internal links connect other pages within the same domain. These links are not just useful for website navigation; they are also a significant element of an effective SEO strategy.

One of the primary benefits of internal linking is that it helps to establish an information hierarchy for the given website. By strategically creating internal links, you can guide both users and search engine crawlers to the most important pages on your site.

This is particularly valuable for new websites or those with hundreds of pages. It helps to show which pages on your site are related, and it delineates a clear path or journey through the content, which enhances the user experience.

Internal links are also crucial for spreading link equity (sometimes called “link juice”) around a website. When an external site links to your website, that page gains link equity, which is a factor search engines use to determine a page’s authority. Internal links then help to distribute this authority to other pages within your site. This is why it’s often recommended to link from your higher authority pages to those needing a boost, as this can help improve their search engine rankings.

Furthermore, internal linking significantly aids in the crawlability of a website. Search engine crawlers find new content by following links from known pages to new pages. Effective internal linking ensures that search engine crawlers can find all the essential pages on your site, helping to ensure they are indexed and thus can appear in search engine results.

Moreover, effective internal linking can decrease the website’s bounce rate by engaging visitors with more content and encouraging them to explore further. This deeper engagement is not just good for user experience; it’s something that search engines can recognize and reward, as they interpret a lower bounce rate as a sign of a high-quality, user-friendly site.

In summary, internal links in SEO are vital. They help to structure a website and enrich the user experience by providing helpful navigation. They also enable search engines to understand the structure and hierarchy of a website, to index all its important pages, and they play a role in distributing valuable link equity across a site.


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