Noindex Tag

In terms of SEO, the “noindex” tag is a directive you can give to search engine crawlers, telling them not to include a specific page in their index. When a page has a noindex tag, it means that the page will not appear in search engine results, even though the search engine crawlers may visit and read the page. Essentially, you’re instructing search engines that you don’t want this particular page to be listed in their search results.

Here’s how it is generally implemented in the HTML of a webpage:

<meta name="robots" content="noindex">

Or for specific search engines, you might see:

<meta name="googlebot" content="noindex">

There are various reasons why you might want to use a noindex tag in SEO:

  1. Draft or Private Content: If a page contains content that isn’t ready for public viewing, or that you never want the public to access via search engines, you can use the noindex tag.
  2. Duplicate Content: To avoid being penalized for duplicate content, you might use a noindex tag on pages that have information identical or substantially similar to content on other pages.
  3. Low-Quality Pages: If your site has pages with content that isn’t up to the quality you feel is representative of your site (such as auto-generated pages or internal search results pages), you might choose to noindex those pages.
  4. Thank You or Confirmation Pages: Pages that are part of a conversion funnel (like a ‘Thank You’ page after a user signs up for a newsletter) often don’t need to be indexed.
  5. To Control Crawl Budget: For large websites, especially ecommerce sites, using the noindex tag strategically can help to ensure that search engine crawlers are focusing on the most important pages of the site, rather than wasting crawl budget on less important pages.

It’s important to use the noindex tag carefully. Accidentally applying a noindex tag to important pages can result in those pages disappearing from search engine results, which could substantially decrease your organic traffic. Always double-check your work and monitor your search engine presence after implementing noindex tags.


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