In SEO, the term “reach” isn’t a specific technical term like robots.txt or meta tags. However, “reach” is often used in a broader digital marketing context to describe the total number of people who have seen, clicked on, or engaged with a particular piece of content, advertisement, or campaign.

In relation to SEO, “reach” can be understood as the potential number of users who can find and access a website or specific webpage via organic search results. The goal of SEO practices is often to increase the reach of a website by improving its visibility on search engines, primarily through higher rankings for specific keywords. The better a webpage’s ranking, the greater its reach will be, since users typically click on top results.

In summary, while “reach” in SEO specifically refers to how many users can potentially find a site via organic search, it’s a concept that ties into broader digital marketing strategies and goals. It emphasizes the importance of visibility and how well a website can attract and engage its target audience.


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