Redirection & Status Code

In the world of SEO, understanding redirection and status codes is pivotal, as these components play a crucial role in ensuring a smooth user experience and maintaining the integrity of website rankings.

At its essence, redirection refers to the process wherein a single URL is pointed to another, ensuring that users or search engines are automatically guided to a new destination URL when they try to access the original URL. This action becomes necessary for several reasons, such as restructuring a website, removing outdated content, or merging multiple web pages.

Every time a redirection happens or a webpage is accessed, the server sends back a status code. These status codes, typically three-digit numbers, inform the browser (or search engine) about the state or status of the requested page. There are various status codes, but a few are especially noteworthy in the context of SEO.

200 OK

Indicates that a page has been successfully accessed and rendered.

301 Moved Permanently

This is perhaps the most recognized redirection status code. It signals that the requested URL has been permanently moved to another location. From an SEO perspective, a 301 redirect is essential as it transfers almost all the link equity (or SEO value) from the old URL to the new one.

302 Found (Previously “Moved Temporarily”)

Indicates a temporary redirection. However, its use can be tricky. If misapplied in places where a permanent redirect (301) is required, it may dilute link equity.

404 Not Found

This code signifies that the server couldn’t find the requested page. While occasional 404s are common, a large number can lead to a poor user experience and potentially harm SEO rankings.

410 Gone

More deliberate than a 404, it tells search engines that a page has been permanently removed and will never return.

In SEO, proper implementation and understanding of redirection and status codes are vital. They influence user experience and guide search engine crawlers on how to index a website, impacting the site’s visibility and rank in the search results. Properly managed redirections and accurate status codes ensure a site’s structural integrity and play a part in maintaining and improving its search engine ranking.


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