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In digital marketing, “SEO leads” refer to potential customers or clients that a business attracts through its search engine optimization efforts. When a website is optimized effectively for search engines, it’s more likely to appear higher in search results for relevant queries. When users search for products, services, or information related to a business’s offerings and then click through to that business’s website from the search results, they become potential leads.

SEO leads are precious for several reasons. Firstly, they are organic, meaning that businesses do not directly pay for each click as they would with paid advertising. This often results in a lower cost per acquisition, making SEO a cost-effective marketing strategy. Secondly, since these leads come from users actively searching for related information or solutions, they are typically more targeted and have a higher intent to purchase or convert than leads from more passive marketing channels.

Capturing SEO leads requires a combination of high-quality, relevant content, a well-optimized website, and an understanding of the keywords and queries that potential customers might use. By nurturing these leads effectively, businesses can significantly enhance their chances of converting them into paying customers.


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