URL Rating (UR)

URL Rating (UR) is a metric developed by the SEO tool Ahrefs, designed to measure the strength of a webpage’s backlink profile on a scale from 0 to 100. In essence, it gauges how authoritative a specific page is based on the quantity and quality of its inbound links. It’s crucial to note that while Domain Rating (DR) evaluates the entire domain’s backlink strength, UR is focused strictly on individual pages.

For SEO professionals, UR serves as an essential indicator when assessing the potential value of gaining a backlink from a specific page or determining the competitiveness of ranking for particular search terms. A higher UR generally signifies a stronger, more authoritative backlink profile, which can be an asset for organic search rankings.

However, like all metrics, UR should be considered in conjunction with other factors. While a high UR can indicate strong backlinks, other on-page and off-page elements also play significant roles in overall SEO success.


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