Visibility %

In the context of SEO, “Visibility %” represents a website’s presence in organic search results for a set of tracked keywords. It’s a metric that helps quantify how frequently and prominently a website appears in search results for its targeted terms, relative to the maximum potential impressions it could receive.

The Visibility % is calculated by considering the ranking positions of the tracked keywords and the estimated click-through rate (CTR) for each of those positions. For instance, a keyword ranking first might have a higher estimated CTR than one ranking fifth. By aggregating these estimated CTRs across all tracked keywords, the Visibility % gives a consolidated view of a website’s overall performance in search results.

A high Visibility % indicates that a website is ranking well for many of its tracked keywords, suggesting effective SEO efforts. Conversely, a lower Visibility % might indicate missed opportunities or emerging challenges in search performance.

For SEO professionals, monitoring Visibility % is invaluable. It provides a holistic view of search performance, beyond just individual keyword rankings. As algorithms evolve and competition intensifies, the Visibility % metric offers insights into a website’s sustained strength in the organic search landscape, or areas where strategic adjustments might be required.


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