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A webpage is a document, typically written in HTML, that is accessible on the internet through a web browser. It’s a singular component of a larger website, much like a page in a book is part of the entire volume. In the context of SEO, a webpage’s design, structure, and content play pivotal roles. Search engines analyze webpages to determine their relevance to specific queries, and their quality and user-friendliness affect search rankings.

A well-optimized webpage will have relevant keywords, high-quality content, an intuitive layout, quick load times, and be mobile-responsive. Additionally, the user experience a webpage offers, measured through metrics like bounce rate and time on page, can influence its SEO performance. Backlinks, or external sites linking to a webpage, further vouch for its authority in the eyes of search engines.

In essence, while SEO encompasses a website’s overall digital presence, each individual webpage’s optimization is a critical piece of the puzzle.


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