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~ 300% increase organic traffic in 6 month

Has a specific niche in the shipment of large cargo.

Digitalic, as an SEO service provider, faces its own unique challenges in optimizing for keywords related to the transportation of large cargo. This specific niche presents distinctive hurdles in the world of SEO due to its specialized nature. While broader logistics or shipping keywords may be highly competitive, targeting keywords related to large cargo shipments requires a tailored approach. These keywords may have lower search volumes but are crucial for attracting the right audience.

Digitalic rises to this challenge by implementing strategies that focus on the specific needs of clients in the large cargo transportation industry. Our expertise in niche SEO allows us to navigate this specialized terrain effectively and deliver results that matter.

Publishing content related to cargo shipping.

Our expertise in cargo shipping SEO is driven by a commitment to excellence in content creation. We prioritize E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) principles to ensure authoritative and trustworthy content. The cargo shipping industry demands precision, and our semantic SEO approach helps us understand user intent and industry nuances. We conduct extensive research and topical mapping to provide comprehensive resources while boosting topical authority.

Our dedicated team of experts combines SEO skills with cargo shipping expertise, upholding E-A-T principles to produce high-quality content that’s both informative and trustworthy. We aspire to be a trusted resource within the cargo shipping community by consistently delivering accurate, industry-focused content. This commitment to authority building is the cornerstone of our SEO strategy.

Effective SEO implementation ensures our content reaches the right audience while maintaining semantic relevance. This approach ensures that our content not only ranks well but also delivers value to readers. In essence, our cargo shipping SEO strategy revolves around specialization, E-A-T principles, semantic SEO, and topical mapping. These elements come together to deliver precise, authoritative, and trustworthy content that serves as a valuable resource in the cargo shipping industry.

Build high-quality backlinks using an anchor text strategy

Building high-quality backlinks is a crucial aspect of SEO strategy. These backlinks serve as digital endorsements for your website’s credibility and relevance in the online world. However, it’s not just about accumulating links from any source; it’s about doing it strategically. This is where an anchor text strategy comes into play.

Anchor text is the visible, clickable text in a hyperlink. It serves as a brief description of the linked page’s content. Crafting an effective anchor text strategy involves choosing the right words or phrases to link back to your site. These words should ideally reflect the content of the linked page and provide context to both search engines and users.

The goal of this strategy is to create a natural and diversified backlink profile. Overly optimized anchor texts or spammy links can raise red flags for search engines and potentially harm your rankings. Therefore, a well-thought-out anchor text strategy should focus on relevance and value.

By building high-quality backlinks with a thoughtfully designed anchor text strategy, you not only improve your site’s authority and visibility but also enhance the user experience. Users are more likely to click on links that provide meaningful context, resulting in increased traffic and potentially better SEO performance.

The Result

The organic traffic has increased by 300% in 6 months.

In just six months, we’ve achieved a remarkable feat – our organic traffic has skyrocketed by an astounding 300%! To put it in perspective, our website was previously receiving 30,000 organic visitors per month. However, through strategic SEO efforts and meticulous content optimization, we’ve tripled that number to an impressive 90,000 organic visitors per month. This remarkable growth reflects our commitment to driving substantial improvements in our online visibility, ultimately leading to more engagement and better results for our business.


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